Boeing 737 Rework


I think the 737 could use some new updated graphics.

When is the update?
737-700 and 800 Cockpits
Boeing 737 Rework
Boeing 737 series rework
737-700 re-model
Boeing 737 MAX Series
Boeing 737 700/800/900 Wing Flex.
Infinite Flight 18.3 Release
737 Rework
Boeing 737 Split Scimitars
739 cockpit re model
737 windows
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I do agree, but some things come first. (Dash 8, CRJ, etc.) A lot of planes need work, and the 737 isn’t one of them (yet).


I feel you on that bro


Yeah, the 737 is good enough for now.


Or we can just scrap the CRJ and Dash 8 and replace those updates with the MD-11 update? Sounds great to me!


What´s wrong with the 737? Its fine for me.


Hmm tempting…


I would like it reworked but the other 737 family members need to be added first :-)


Reworked 737 would look better than the current a321


The only gaps for me are the missing cockpit lightning and ground effect.


How do pilots manage to land in spite of the ground effect? Every time I try to land the A319 I´ll just balloon over the runway. And when I land, I do it hard.


They go with a steep descent of about 850-900 the just about 10 feet above the groung they cut throttle the plane automatically pitches up and land with a vertical speed of about 650-700 not that easy its practice and alot of it but easy to master


And what about the glide slope?


Usually its slightly higher than the glideslope if you live near an airport be keen to observe


I´ll go to one today. I´ll be sure to check. And take photos.


Perfect!the effect even help’s alot in the smooth landing you can hardly notice


Don’t listen @Audifacy_Davis_. Cut throttles at 100 ft and you’ll crash. And if you touch the ground with 700 ft/min your landing gear will suffer severe damage.

Follow the glideslope, throttles to idle at 30 ft, maintain 2-3° pitch until flaring at 10-20 ft.


are talking about in the sim or in real life


You told me to start flaring at 30ft. And to cut throttles at 10ft.


These things vary depending on the aircraft.