Boeing 737 max (With new MCAS)

Hi, you all probably know that the 737 max is grounded due to 2 crashes within 4 months. Now all American bases airlines are giving timelines in which they are going to return as listed below.

  • In April, Southwest and American Airlines estimated that groundings could continue until August 2019.[412]
  • At that stage United Airlines expected its 737 MAXs to remain grounded until July.[413]
  • Air Canada, which also initially descheduled its 737 MAXs until July, pushed their return to August 2019.[414]



  • Emirates chief Sheikh Ahmed gave the furthest projection that pushed the expected date to December 2019, for flydubai’s 737 MAX operations, he said, due to a lack of regulator coordination.[417]
  • American Airlines,[418] Southwest Airlines[419][337] and United Airlines[420] all extended their cancellations to September 2 or 3.
  • Southwest and United removed the MAX from their schedules for another month, until October 2.[421]


  • United,[422] American,[423][424][425][426] and Southwest Airlines[427] further extended their cancellations until the beginning of November. United Airlines announced that it was purchasing 19 used 737-700s for delivery from December;[428] the airline’s fleet plan for this timeframe had previously targeted 30 MAXs by the end of 2019 and a further 28 in 2020.[429]
  • Southwest Airlines pulled the planes from its schedule until January 5, 2020[430][431] as well as ceasing all operations at Newark airport.[331][431] Air Canada extended its cancellations until January 8, 2020, cutting its overall capacity, and noted that it could take up to a year to return its 737 MAX fleet to full service.[432]


  • In August 2019, American Airlines added some 737 MAX routes to its schedule for November and December 2019, in anticipation of the aircraft being returned to service.[433]

The Boeing 737 max program was established when Airbus released their A320 NEO program which caused Boeing to launch a program to have a aircraft with great fuel efficiency.

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