Boeing 737 MAX Series

The A-10 cockpit is a lot smaller, making it easier to map functions and other technical things. I’m not ruling it as impossible, but highly unlikely as of now. The 737 is larger than the A-10, that equates to a higher level of detail. Maybe Project Metal would bring some features that can help. As of now, I don’t see any 737-100 to -500 variant being added before the MAX.

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757 has entered the chat


Yes it did? 😇

Bumping this topic because I support it :)

There goes my last vote

The 737 max is a nice plane. However, Boeing made a mistake. Let’s give Boeing another chance to do it right, and there goes my vote. This is a nice plane with a flaw design. Let’s show our support to the Boeing 737 max program.

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No offense, but a cardboard box is a better means of transportation than the 737 MAX. The 737 never needed the upgrades it got. It was fine the way it was.

Top cons of the MAX:

  1. slimline seats only
  2. eye-piercing white interior.
  3. LED overhead lights are too bright and are a huge eye strain.
  4. Overhead AC is horrible.
  5. Isles are way to narrow
  6. seats are way to small.
  7. bathrooms can’t even fit a midget.
  8. bathroom sinks are smaller than my hand.
  9. The new winglets are hideous.
  10. Leg room?

Pros is the MAX:

  1. it’s a 737.

Well, most is the airline’s fault. I bet if Pan am used the 737 max, it would be heaven.


Or TWA, ATA, just to name some more.

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Most of those are opinions, which I respect :)


Well, they are opinions based on observational facts.

It has new engine sounds

This should be incorporated into a 737 Max rework, given the Poseidon is based off the Max frame

The two aircraft still have their own differences.

Indeed they do, however it does have factors, also identical to the max, which I feel, it could still be incorporated

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I totally agree

Totally! I am drying to fly on one!!!


*dying. sorry! My bad

Voted. Those winglets…

Well, this aged well.