Boeing 737 MAX Series

There is no way in the world they’ll leave both threads locked and then proceed NOT to rework both aircraft…just waiting for the A330 announcement or WIP rendering.


it was going to be a very good and very used aircraft I believe.

Sure would be great to fly this from the beautiful beaches of Grand Cayman to the Rockies in Denver! What a great livery and hopefully this would come with the MAX when it comes to Infinite Flight.

Hit it the MAX series with a vote too!


Who else was rethinking their votes because of the crashes

haha MCAS go weEEEE


Tbh, not me lol. I could care less about airbus. I love the aircraft. Boeing all the way.

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I think that it should get added tho. It would be a nice addition.

Put in my vote for this, had one to spare. Would love to see this one in the sim, as long as the 757 rework comes before it!

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What’s the difference between a max and the 737 we have now? I mean could IF change the name of this 737 and then you have the max? LOL (apart from the door)

Well, apart from the visual differences that you probably know ( winglets, cockpit, engines etc) there are different engine sounds (if we will get them in case it’s added), different liveries, different fuel burn, different physics (due to the bigger engines) and lots of other reasons that are not coming trough my mind right now.

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This would be a great livery to see! First Airline inn the pacific to operate the aircraft, and I hope if the MAX gets added we could see this livery along with some others.



And if I’m not mistaken, the range of the max is much greater than that of the 737ng jets.

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YES this is needed.

It is greater, and if im not mistaken, it can be used to even go Europe from parts of the eastern seaboard of the US.

Ik it’s been two weeks but I have to chip in.

The 737MAX has many differences from the NG, I’ll list them.

  • Different engines (CFM LEAP) in a different position (forward and up)

  • Different cockpit (larger and reorganized glass displays)

  • Different APU (at least the exhaust, much cleaner than the NG)

  • Different winglets (OG and split scimitar winglets are noticeably different)

  • Different specifications (physics, range, fuel burn, etc.)

  • Additional variant (MAX10, also additional mid-aft exit)


I think IF needs a 737 Classic or original before the MAX. And for the love of mythical God, not the MAX 10. That thing literally looks like a flying pencil.


Have you seen the 757-300?


I’ve flown in the 757-300 funny enough. Countless times too. 😉

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While I don’t disagree with you and it would be nicer to see more aircraft of that period, I’m afraid the 737 Original and Classic fall into the same aircraft like the Concorde. It would be hard for the developers to replicate all of the old gauges and systems, and then flight engineer panels on the older models. Maybe in the future, but the MAX would probably arrive before those two. :/


If they can do analog gauges in the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II plane, why can’t they do the 737-100/200/300/400/500?