Boeing 737 MAX Series

And Allegiant ordered over 100 MAX 8s, so that could be fun!


Would love to see this beautiful bird in game 🤩🤩


Not one, but two new customers!

Today, Boeing announced two separate MAX orders. Firstly, in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Airlines sealed a deal for 15 737-MAX 9s. These jets will be used on short and medium haul routes to East Asia, and deliveries will commence in the middle of 2024 going thru 2027, going alongside their 737-800s for fleet expansion in the future!

Meanwhile, across the Eurasian continent, Luxair has entered into an agreement to operate 4 737-MAX 8s! Firstly, the airline will take delivery of 2 leased aircraft for operations starting this summer, and then delivery of 2 aircraft ordered directly from Boeing following that. These aircraft will be operated on a variety of short-haul routes across Europe, complimenting their existing fleet of 737 NG’s.



I wonder why in the photo with the Luxair 737 max, the one in the back ground is a max 7? Do they plan to order that one in the near future as well?

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Yeah, I noticed that initially as well. Boeing doesn’t put other planes in the rendering for no reason, so it’s included somewhere in the agreement. Specifically for what? That’s another question.


Hope we get to see this soon! Can’t wait to do some IAH ops with the MAX8 and the MAX9.



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As long as they have Icelandair to replace the 757, you have my vote.

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