Boeing 737 MAX Series

We’re not talking about helicopters here. And I’m very well aware of planes landing without engine power. But as a passenger on an aircraft you can’t do anything than fasten your seatbelt. Also the Max aircrafts seems to over correct the aircraft, not make the engines stop functioning.

You are right - We aren’t but I’m giving you information on why you’re comment of “All you can do is tighten your seatbelt” is not correct.

Correct - As a PAX you trust your pilot. Who makes the calls and right decisions

You’re right no engine failure caused a MAX to crash unless the report says other wise

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There is some unconfirmed evidence that the rapid motions, and ocellations caused a compressor stall, so by over correcting it may have actually failed the eingens…

Ok listen, to all that are involved in this argument: Go Create A PM
The two MAX 8 accidents were tragic and very sad and everyone should respect that. This topic is requesting the MAX series to be added to infinite flight. If you have a problem with something IRL, this is not where you should be complaining about.
We all have opinions, and we should respect that. But we should show respect to those involved in the accident, not just going on about saying that “Imagine if Infinite flight should add the failure thing”

I do not want anyone to reply to this and let this argument end right here.


the max series look pretty good.

Interesting how one comment can blow the topic up 😂

The MAX is a great plane. I have faith it will get added someday. It’s the continuation of a great series of planes. The 737. From the 200 to the 900!


I think it’d make a great addition, it’s a great aircraft beautifully designed!


When this would be added, I think an actual working MCAS system would be really cool in the sim!

Who else thinks it would be awesome?!


That would be cool. but the MCAS might not be added


Just thinkin out loud. It would be a pretty sweet addition if they did decide to add it.

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I doubt it would be. I’ve had control/calibration issues in the past and I just manually trim it down. It’s too complex of a system, and too misunderstood (especially for IF pilots that may be wondering why their plane suddenly pitched down while trying to do a loop-the-loop on Casual), for them to add to the game. Other aircraft have automated stall recovery systems in real life, and I have yet to see (or want to see) any in the app.

And no, the nose dropping from lack of airflow over the elevators does not count as a stall recovery system

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True true. Just thought it’d be an interesting feature:)

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Yeah. I agree ☝️

Not with the A350. Sometime. Please don’t speculate!


I’m not trying to speculate

most likely

Speculating. Please don’t anymore.

Oh ok I get it

Don’t joke about irl plane crashes in a feature request please.


Bringing this back up #team737


That’s what I like to see! #737gang