Boeing 737 MAX Series

what aircraft crashes more atm then

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Uh, maby, statistically speaking, among major airliners it may have a sub par deaths per mile score being a relatively new aircraft with 2 major accidents, but it was twice, among how many hundreds if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of flights the max has seen in it’s service. More people die per week in car crashes with one brand, probably one model than the MAX has ever killed. Once this one issue is resolved I fully believe that it will meet the exceptional rates of the rest of the 737 family…

I hope that Updated MCAS is added! It will save lots of people from annoyin

“My airplane stalled becase af ur game fix violation or i unsub”



And most of those times, the car isn’t at fault

And just because people die in car accidents often doesn’t make it ok for lives to be risked (or taken) on a plane that has been proven to have a fault.

People aren’t going to forget and some won’t want to fly on a Max even after the issue is resolved

But we can continue in the Max grounding topic

I’m not trying to say car accident deaths don’t matter. I’m just saying that this aircraft is unsafe in a near vacuum of incidents. Sure, small incidents happen all the time, but how many major commercial airliners can you think of that have crashed in major accidents in the last 10 years? It definitely fits on my two hands, aviation is extremely safe, and I’m just saying that you are statistically safer getting on this plane than getting in a car.

And about the car not being at fult, I think there’s an argument to be made that the pilots should have been able to disable it on the Ethiopian one since they should have been trained on it…

I didn’t say anything about perception, I said it’s record will end up being on par. It is an unfortunate truth that people only hear about that bad,never the thousands of hours, and thousands of flights that go off without a hitch…

And that’s a small majority I bet, look at the DC-10 when it came back and they learned from that, turned out be a great aircraft.

It’s not the same to compare car deaths with people who die of airplane crashes. People die in cars because they are intoxicated, unexperienced, mood changing, disobedience, etc… Car drivers aren’t checked before they start driving the car if they are intoxicated. Pilots and crews are being checked for intoxication before takeoff. They also have numeral of tests on mental health and other physical conditions. people in planes die because there either is a mechanical or technical malfunction. Pilots gets so much more training and experience before they jump in an airplane but car drivers not so much.

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And made smaller by the fact that in a month most people wolnt be able to tell you what kind of plane had an incident. People really don’t care about planes, I mean I have people ask me about what they’re flying on (I guess I have a bit of a reputation 😂) and I’ll say what are you flying on and they say like Southwest A372, and I’m Like, ya, not that. I garintee you in a year the flying public wouldn’t give two hoots if there ticket says 737MAX, or A320N…

No, I think it’s a fairly reasonable comparison. Just as reasonable as saying you’re less likely to get killed in a plane crash than drown in the pool (completely made up, I don’t know those stats). Everything in life has some risk. I’m just saying that aviation eaven at it’s most “dangerous” is very low on that list…

Yeah but imagine that person who does know so much about aviation and is purchasing a ticket when they come across the aircraft type. That may ring a bell or they’ll say “I’ve heard of that somewhere” and they recall.

The point was that most car deaths are from distracted driving or driving under the influence. But this isn’t the case with airline crashes, so no it’s not a reasonable comparison.

I also recommend we carry on here

I promise you, that is a small minority. Ask friends or something how many of them eaven actually look at what plane it is?

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I’d buy a ticket and fly on the MAX. It’s a good aircraft and our pilots in the US are trained. Now over sea’s I’d be a little hesitant


I mean we are discussing the aircraft, on a thread about weather or not the aircraft should be implemented, reasonable enough to me…

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Eh it’s alright. This is mayb more about it getting added to the game. Then in the other thread the whole point is about the MAX “issues”.

Up to you


No it’s not. Because it’s so different. In a car you can make desitions on what to do, you feel more in control. In an aircraft, you can fasten your seatbelt.

Not true either again. If my engine fails on the helicopters I fly I can do exactly what you’re claiming, tighten my seatbelt and let go, and kill myself quickly, OR I can actually be in control and make the right decisions to land the helicopter safely.

And then let’s talked about fixed wings, if your engine fails in flight you don’t drop like a rock you can still glide the aircraft to safety. I can show you several stories where an engine failure took place and they landed the plane safety due to their decisions to fly the aircraft.


No, you don’t get my point, I’m just comparing daily risks to show how much of a non problem aviation is.


Also of note front seat passengers in cars are about as likely to die in a crash as the driver…

And according to the IIHS, back seat passengers are 46% more likely to have serious harm or death…