Boeing 737 MAX Series

I never really was sure, but it does seem Boeing did update their house livery, as you can see with the MAX-10 the livery is a lot more brighter and vibrant than the MAX-7.

Also a little info on the aircraft (L to R):

737-MAX 7 N7201S bound for Southwest Airlines
737-MAX 8 N8762Q bound for Southwest Airlines
737-MAX 200 9H-VVA bound for Malta Air
737-MAX 9 N938AK bound for Alaska Airlines
737-MAX 10 N27751 bound for United Airlines


I noticed that since the MAX 10 rolled out. 😂

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I had my suspicions starting with the 777-9, considering that was the first aircraft in the livery, but I never had a good comparison between the two (and also I figured it would be easier to make a comparison on two aircraft of the same type compared to completely different aircraft)


The old MAX House livery was rather greenish, instead of the wonderful standard blue.




whats there in r/woooosh?

I don’t like the landing gear in that photo even though it is just angeld weird. It looks like a RC plane for some reason

I think it depends on how heavy the aircraft is. If you would like you could see this video. :)

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First MAX delivery to Akasa Air, specifically a MAX-8 registered VT-YAA!



I love the paint scheme. The orange really pops on the airplane.


It does like quite nice with the Purple and Orange, two colours we don’t really see on aircraft liveries these days.

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Yeah it still looks good etheir way

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Happy anniversary!

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I think my cakeday is tommorow but thank you! But let’s stay on topic. :)

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Boeing 737 MAX 10.

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How do you get your links like that?

Yes, I did. Why I share post a copy link when posting a page on Facebook and then send it to IFC last month the same every time.

I think the reason for the type of trucks we have is because they are easier to work into the game, since you don’t have to account for the additional joint or turn point in the tow bar. If they don’t even have turning wheels, then it must be harder to replicate using a tow bar.

Simply… paste them?

Note: There are a few websites that do not create that box, however those are rare.

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