Boeing 737 MAX Series

GOL Boeing 737 MAX


Interesting news today!

As of January 26th, SmartWings has become the first airline to land a 737 MAX in Antartica!

They flew from Prague → Troll Research Station via N’Djamena and Cape Town.

Smartwings becomes the first airline to land a Boeing 737 MAX in Antarctica - AIRLIVE


China Boeing 737 MAX series.


Would love the MAX series to be made.

Ryanair and TUI liveries especially would look great

Another new MAX customer in their full livery out of Seattle, this time Lynx Air, a new Canadian LCC looking to start operations in April with the MAX-8!

(V1 Images)


looks really nice!

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Lynx Boeing 737 MAX.

This does not correlate with the MAX.

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Technically does but at the same time doesn’t 😂

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Yes your actually correct, only talks about the NG but it may expand to the Max’s doing it, who knows?

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My Mini Nightmare has become true

Got it from @AeroAviation

It’s from some website named flickr

Diff website about it.


Idk if it’s just me, but the centering of the logo on the tail does look quite American-Airlines-Sharklet-like because it’s centered to the blue part


It is weird, I like the old livery, but I just think this looks better. To each their own but I quite like this.


Well, not the best. Think the old one is better. They need to get a Green and purple/blue, something like that.

For the love of god when the MAX comes please give us the old livery

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PLEASE, I say the old is better, the Blue and Yellow looks more better tbh.

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Kinda reminds me is United 🧐
Going to miss those yellow engines 😞💛

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Different colors than just blue, a pink and yellow as well!


Just arrived back to its home.
TF-ICY is next

Okay I’ll be honest, despite what I said previously about it compared to the old livery, the new livery does look okay. It’s nice to see them with a variety of colors on the tail!

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