Boeing 737 MAX Series

One thing we’re not sure of yet is if this is going to be a fleet replacement. Personally, I don’t think it will be, 50 MAX 7s isn’t enough to replace the Airbus fleet. Maybe there will be other types involved (I said in the other thread I think the MAX 200 would be great for them), but to me it looks like they’re ok running a mixed Airbus/Boeing fleet for now.

They haven’t, it isn’t official yet. While it’s probably happening, it’s just a report and no official order has actually happened as of now

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It would certainly be a good choice of aircraft, considering the 200 was engineered with ULCC’s in mind. Personally, I see a fleet of 7’s and 200’s in the future, what happens to the 320 family remains we will simply have to wait and see.

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Yea. I just see some A320s sticking around since they still are due for some and the most recent ones are brand new straight from Airbus, so I can’t see them just replacing them. I could see the MAX 7s chipping away at their A319 fleet, though.

I just think the MAX 200 fits their model perfectly…and how like a certain other European ULCC, Allegiant would be an airline happy with shoving as many seats as possible on a plane :P

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This is very unexpected

And here’s the livery from Boeing released today! Both the MAX-7 and MAX-200 are included, and they have options for a further 50 in the future! 30 MAX-7’s and 20 MAX-200’s is the breakdown of the order.


I’m not used to seeing their livery on a Boeing plane aside from their 757. Doesn’t look too bad. :)


Great news coming from Asia today: Lion Air, one of the largest customers of the MAX, has received approval from the Indonesian Ministry of Transport to resume operations of a pair of MAX’s starting later this month! Currently, the airline has 9 MAX’s in their fleet, all of which are the MAX-8 variant, so two of these will be returning to service and be active once again. In addition to their current operation of 9 aircraft, they have a further 239 MAX’s on order consisting of the MAX-8, MAX-9, and MAX-10 variants.


Very Huge order for Boeing, could be marked as another W in the books.


Fantastic News!

Two days ago, probably one of the best liveries to ever be painted on 737 MAX was delivered.

N932AK flew from BFI-ANC as a delivery flight!

credit is in the photo


spotters will be all over this when it starts flying lol

7️⃣3️⃣7️⃣MAX winglet

Credit: Iah.boi-Harold


Cmon devs, 737 MAX hawt, bring it into the game. But rework 747 first!

Hey everyone! The famous livery dubbed “Orca One” has received an actually name and it has been updated in and I find it to be a better name.

The name is West Coast Wonders.


Hopefully a view we will have in IF someday 😌

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Honestly “Orca One” is much better than that, but Alaska would’ve had to deal with legal issues with WN over that

(Credits to SpotterPowwwiii on JP)


Infinite Flight be like:



Facts lol, it’s not even like the A220 with zero operators; it has plenty


54 to be exact!


I mean, half of the four main variants aren’t in service yet so chill for a minute lol, I want it too but now is not the time for the anger to begin 🤣


Precisely, and the A220 has, what, twelve? 😂

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