Boeing 737 MAX Series

I haven’t contributed any pics yet, so here’s mine. Saw the MAX in Kona a few months ago. Hoping this gets added after the A220.


IF gave us the 330 Neo

Why couldn’t we have gotten the max as well

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After the E-Jet*

No complaints on PHX! Have yet to see one

Lovely shot! Got my own MAX in Hawaii shot, boarded this one to go to KOA, actually the first MAX ever built, N8701Q!


Ah, right

Do u want the MAX with the current 737’s model?

You’ll be seeing it a lot. Total of nine daily SEA-PHX flights with four of them being on the MAX 👀


A new reason to keep pressing on

for reasons this is a joke

This increases my chance of flying on their 737 max 8 by like 75%



Wish it was SAT as well.

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We are sooooo close to 1,000!

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Ahhhhh. I love Southwest!

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I know right

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Alright, as promised yesterday the airline I said I would be featuring (@AlaskaAirfireball111 this is for you!) 9Air of Chi- oh nope still doing Alaska. Anyways…Alaska Airlines is currently one of the largest operators and customers for the MAX-9 variant currently. Originally placing an order for MAX-8’s and 9’s back in 2014 directly from Boeing, they converted their MAX-8’s to MAX-9’s a few years later, and in addition increased their order size twice: In 2020 and 2021 to replace their Airbus A320-200s. The grand total for their order now stands at 93 aircraft, all of which are the MAX-9 variant. Of these, 7 are in service with the airline currently serving several key markets like Southern California and Hawaii and expanding soon on East Coast routes. Here is their 5th MAX, N291BT!


United MAX 10, 200 of them to be exact🤯


250 actually!

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I would like that message but I don’t have any likes right now.


It’s fine :)

But yeah, United’s MAX order history is…uhm…complicated

Initially, their order was for 185 737-MAX 9’s

Then they changed it in 2019 to 85 MAX-9’s and 100 MAX-10’s

Then in Q1 this year they added an additional 25 MAX-9’s

Then a few months later they added an order for 34 MAX-8’s (converted 6 MAX-9’s to MAX-8’s for a total of 40)

Then a few months later they added an additional 50 MAX-8’s and 150 MAX-10’s, which brought the grand total to where it is currently:

90 MAX-8’s
79 MAX-9’s
250 MAX-10’s


Two additional routes I just found:

  • Anchorage to San Francisco

  • Anchorage to Los Angeles

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