Boeing 737 MAX Series

Well, most is the airline’s fault. I bet if Pan am used the 737 max, it would be heaven.


Or TWA, ATA, just to name some more.

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Most of those are opinions, which I respect :)


Well, they are opinions based on observational facts.

It has new engine sounds

This should be incorporated into a 737 Max rework, given the Poseidon is based off the Max frame

The two aircraft still have their own differences.

Indeed they do, however it does have factors, also identical to the max, which I feel, it could still be incorporated

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I totally agree

Totally! I am drying to fly on one!!!


*dying. sorry! My bad

Voted. Those winglets…

Well, this aged well.

Because it is BOING just kidding
I love Boeing
Consider this to be a vote cuz I am not able to vote


Just like a fine French Wine…probably

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United max 9 would be amazing to have in the sim 😍


It would be even better in the new livery. 😍

I love the MAX (its the plane in my profile picture) and I think this would be a great addition to the game!


I removed a vote just for this one! :)

this is one of the very few boeing aircraft that i like. i voted

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