Boeing 737 MAX Series

Both the 737Max and A320NEO are modifications to an existing airframe that revolves around adding more fuel efficient wing tips and new engines that required new mounting hardware. The NEO was actually a response from Airbus due to the Max’s success.

In regards to the Max, it’s an improvement over the 737NGs in many ways. Improved avionics for the pilots that present more data to the pilots in an easier way. For passengers, it offers a slightly quieter ride with a little bit more comfort assuming the airline didn’t go with a cramped interior. If they did blame the airline not Boeing (Fun fact: the cramped interiors won’t work on Airbus planes without airlines blocking off the last row of seats due to CG issues).

You say the Max has bad handling. It doesn’t. In fact for 737NG pilots the only difference in flying they really feel is the increase range and higher fuel efficiency. Other then that it handles the same. Now you could argue the crashes prove otherwise but you have dive into what really happened.

In both cases the MCAS system which is a system designed to help pilots prevent stalls by pitching the airplane down using trim automatically. In the case of the Indonesian crash, there was different data coming from the two AoA (angle of attack) sensors. Unfortunately Boeing didn’t account for this in their code and this causes the activation of the MCAS system. Had Boeing told airlines and pilots about the existence of the system maybe pilots would have reacted to the situation a little better. However, 737 pilots are trained for a situation called “runaway trim” which is similar to what occurs in these MCAS error situations and solved by flipping a switch that every 737 pilot knows to do. Something that never happened in the Indonesian crash. In fact, in the Ethiopian crash the pilots did do that, but then they flipped the switch back and did it multiple times leading the crash. Had they not touched the switch again it’s possible that everything would have been fine. The MCAS errors in the Indonesian crash are interesting to investigators because the AoA sensor was giving pilots the day before on the same plane issues too and was reported to maintenance who apparently fixed the issue.

So while Boeing is at fault for having poor design flaws in the MCAS system, mainly dealing with erroneous data from the AoA sensor, there are also other factors involved in these crashes. The 737 MAX will remain a popular aircraft once they are free to fly again due their increased efficiency and comfort compared to the 737NG. I for one look forward to flying on a MAX again next year


Well said and nice facts but that is if they fly again you never know airlines might not trust it and go for other airplanes

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Guys, let’s stop with the arguing please.

We all have our opinions on the issue. If you’d like to discuss, form a group PM to avoid contributing to active arguments.

While I may not be a fan of Boeing or the 737 at all, the MAX would be an awesome feature to add in IF!


Yes it would!

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It might be cool to have it added to IF, but not as cool as a reworked 757, imho we need that more than anything in IF at this point (besides taxi lights).

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I hope that when the MAX flies again, the IF developers can start developments on this beauty! I would seriously love to have this airplane in IF! :D


Actually, I’m pretty sure that the MAX was a response from Boeing to Airbus’ NEO. They were pressured by American Airlines.


I think the 737 MAX was a result from pressure from AA, SW and a few other airlines. What they ended up with was a compromised design that disrupted their operations, you reap what you sow.


NEO came first. Max was the response.


The max honestly looks so beautiful!

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preach my good sir

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Idk what if mcas takes over lol


At least we know how much hard work the FAA and Boeing are putting into getting the Max off the ground

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It would be an amazing plane to fly in IF but I feel like many other things are to be added and some planes should be taken out. But I am vote 👊🏽👍

Man , omg , bye.

(Was it really needed to shock more than we already were ? Just think of those who died in it instead of doing sarcasm about it).

I’m afraid of flying this plane too (in real life) but I’m not saying it here, because here we promote it in order to have it on IF, so in IF we won’t crash (if there are no strange bugs), BUT we can, to honor the victims do some groups flight with this plane too, when we’ll have it on IF.
This type of plane is beautiful and it’s the future (not now due do groundings and others but anyway), this plane stays a beautiful and needed airplane to have on IF, vote are welcome !

(We don’t have to mistake IRL and IF, but if someone of your family or other died due to those crashes I can understand but not here please. No shade on it please, it’s already hard for everyone as I said before.)

Thank you,


Need a lil dark humor to remind everyone of the truth once in a while. Is it the future? Maybe. But eventually Boeing can’t stick to the 737 and will have to design a clean sheet design because they can no longer afford to push the 737 beyond its design boundaries like they did with the 737max. But that’s just my two cents, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.


The 737 is an icon and it was a game changer back then. It deserves another chance and hopefully the whole MAX issue would be solved for good.


The 737 was great back in its day when it served its purpose, the 737-200 and the 737 classic still doing a great job to this day. But then you have things like the 737-900ER, that eat up tons of runway for takeoff (3000m at MTOW ISA conditions, for your reference the A359 under the same condition only uses up to 2600m), is underpowered as heck, and some even require a tailstand to avoid tipping during debarking. Then you have the entire 737MAX fiasco which can be blamed on corporate greed or terrible software, however the design itself is what required MCAS in the first place anyways. Basically, stretched designs like the -900, -9 or even the recently released -10 are trying to replace the 757 but as I said previously its being pushed beyond its design boundaries and being asked to do what it was never intended to do. Can it cross the atlantic? Yes. But can it also do it taking off from shorter runways? Nope. TLDR; the 737 was a great aircraft when it was only asked to do what it was designed for.


These are my two favorite MAX liveries.

credit: google


you have my vote🗳🗳🗳