Boeing 737 Max Production

Boeing has made significant progress over the past several months in support of safely returning the 737 MAX to service as the company continues to work with the FAA and other global regulators on the process laid out for certifying the 737 MAX software and related training updates. The company has also made significant governance and operational changes to further sharpen its focus.

Just recently, we got a new update saying that Boeing will begin reactivating the 737 Max low-rate production at its Renton, Wash. factory for the first time since January. gettyimages-507435484-1a2779741b0c539327a926accd485fac32870b2d-s800-c85


Interesting timing Boeing, definitely interesting…


You got a source from where that came from?



I wouldn’t really agree with this on here as it seems to me that this is far from completion, but it’s nonetheless a gods sign to have the production resumed!

Glad to hear it returning to production! One step closer to getting it back into the skies!

I’ll believe it when I see it. I reckon that with all the scrutiny the MAX has received(as well as the FAA), it will be one of the safest jets in the sky. Time for the Airbus-Boeing duopoly to continue.


Not sure why Boeing is ramping up on the productions when we just recently found out that they laid off more than 7,000 employees just this week.

Except how many of those 7,000 came from workers on the 737 MAX production line? Did they specify where these employees are based? Cuz this is their spread across the U.S. and the distribution for each field:



I’d imagine this a signal that Boeing sees the recert process wrapping up soon, and Summer has been thrown around a lot, so seems possible. Well have to see what happens…

Yeah I didn’t take that into consideration. It might seem that majority of the employees asked to leave were not in the production for the 737 Max. It does say that Boeing expects to lay off a lot more so we will see what happens in the future…

Ughhh boeing never learns their lesson do they.

In case you haven’t noticed, i HATE boeing 737

Well they kind of are learning their lesson. It got grounded, and they are fixing their mistakes, rather than completely giving up on the MAX. It’s not “never” do they learn their lesson.


Nah chief the 737 is the greatest aircraft in the world. Boeing made a mistake and they worked on it. I can promise you 1000000% that the MAX will be safe to fly again when it is released again. Boeing’s smart and they know what they’re doing. I wouldn’t sweat it.

just my opinion,

I will start far away from Southwest for the first 2 years of the MAX being back in service.

Damn, you need to chill. We all make mistakes. Boeing was just trying to make an upgraded version of one of the safest airplanes in the world. No one or company is perfect. Give them a second chance. I lost some trust with them, but this was an honest mistake my friend. Learn to forgive.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”- Albert Einstein

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After all this, I still wouldn’t touch the 737 Max, No one can really trust Boeing… well at least from where I’m from.

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when it looked like it was going to fly, the virus came. But the virus looks to be passing, and the plane will enter service right when tourism explodes and the MAX will be there to help

It is crazy how people continue with this battle between Boeing and Airbus. They are both very successful companies in their fields. Mistakes happen, and do you really think Boeing is going to be stupid enough to put the B737 Max back into service before they’re sure it’s safe ? No, as many have said it’s going to be one of the safest planes in the sky. Stop being so closed-minded.