Boeing 737 MAX discussion

What do you guys think about this? It looks really cool and I am excited for when it gets added to the simulator!


Needed longer gear IMO to fit engines and possibly fix the -900s gigantic flaw.


Alaska airlines said they will order around 90 of them they will like get 45 max8 and 45 max9 ‘this is just rounded down’ but it will be great to see new beautiful aircrafts anyway


The 737 is my favorite aircraft. I’m very happy that Copa Airlines ordered 61 737 MAXs, they have currently 14 737-700 and 63 737-800 + 26 pending and 23 E-190. It’s expected to replace the 737-700, the E-190 and some older 737-800.


I think Boeing 737 max is the best for this game and for first let’s make united airlines and American Airlines


Good sure for first American and united

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Air Canada’s are arriving late next year!

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Southwest will get them in Q2 of 2017


I think it’s fine lel, Boeing will not screw up their biggest selling product. If the gear is a certain height, it’s for a reason.

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It’s the height it’s at because they didn’t want to redesign the wing to move the gear further outboard. The 737 could have been even more efficient with taller gears by using the extra space to install a higher bypass turbofan.

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Also has to do with the fact that they are only allowed a certain amount of improvements before they have to get the plane recertified. They don’t want to go through the hassle so they rather improve the cockpit and other parts of the plane than use those improvements on the height and engines. If I were them, I’d recertify the plane and make it as good as it can be

Due to recent developments with Southwest delaying orders for the 737 Max, Southwest is no longer going to be the first airline to operate the 737 Max. Norwegian Airlines will be the first airline to operate the 737 Max with first delivery in May 2017.


Similar thing with the A320 NEO, the original launch customer was Qatar but they refused to accept them so Lufthansa became the new launch customer

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Yeah however it was unexpected the delay in order by Southwest was going to include their first order.

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Source? As far as I knew Southwest delayed orders, but not the first. I’d like to see sources for that.

One of many sources saying Southwest is planning on taking their first delivery of the 737 Max on either August or September 2017. The linked siurce for the claim on Wikipedia is a membership required site which I do not have. However, the source for Norwegian being the launch customer isnt showing up on searches and the most up to date articles are still saying Southwest. This is a lot more confusing than it looks. Im starting to doubt the linked source.

Surprised Delta didn’t switch there -900ER orders for the -8 or -9

Yeah. One source is never enough. It also should be a major source that’s very reliable, unlike Wikipedia. Wikipedia is great for random info on things, but shouldn’t be used as a source for information since it isn’t reliable (Wikipedia isn’t reliable because anyone can freely edit the pages). You could have also been thinking that Norwegian was the launch customer when in reality they are the European launch customer (I believe they are).

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The information Wikipedia provides is fairly accurate on major airticles like that and are 97% acurrate when the statements on Wikipedia are linked with a primary source. This primary source, however, was one of those 3% inaccurate.

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Cayman Airways are getting 4 from 2018 to 2022