Boeing 737 MAX Delivery Tracking Thread

Neos Air ordered 2 Boeing 737 MAX 8 Source & Other Information


Totally irrelevant, but I never knew Neos’ callsign was “MOONFLOWER”. That’s really unique, probably my favorite.

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Yes, that’s one of the reasons why Neos is my favourite airline :)

Look at my profile picture, its Boeing 787-9 wich will be delivered in a few weeks ;)

Can someone please make these updates to the thread

737 MAX 8

Fly Dubai

A6-FMA Cabin Fit delivered
A6-FMB Delivered
A6=FMC Delivered from Glasgow after Cabin fit


SP-LVA Delivered

Some MAX action lately

LOT SP-LVA Has been delivered photo credits Boeing

China Eastern B-1383 has completed another text flight
Cred Chris Edwards

American N308RD at the flightline… awaiting first flight
Cred Chris Edwards

Malaysian Airlines First MAX on the RNT flightline
Image Cred Chris Edwards


LOT Polish’s new 737 MAX 8 (SP-LVA) was delivered earlier today to WAW (Warsaw). :)


I’ve caught the second American 737 MAX, N304RB at LGA… this time in better light. 😍



The B-1383 aircraft actually belongs to China Eastern Yunnan, it is the former Yunnan Airlines, and technically Shanghai Airlines is just a branch of China Eastern, so B-1382 should be put under China Eastern, or both 1382 and 1383 can go under the list of China Eastern Group

would love to get a job in one of these IRL but most likley airlines are gonna be stupid and train older people instead

Looks like a Jet2 737 MAX is being delivered!

That’s a regular 737-800, not the MAX. :)

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American N306RC just landed at Tulsa International to go to the American Maintenance Hub here.


You are definitely right cause I’m repainting her right now


Looking forward to seeing it in its new colors :)

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What do you mean you’re repainting her? You repaint MAXs for Boeing?

Yes I do, I work for International Aerospace and we also paint every 737 that Boeing produces and we also repaint them for many airlines


That sounds like a fun job!

A China Eastern MAX preparing for delivery!

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PK-GDA for Garuda landed in Surabaya yesterday! It will be coming to Jakarta tomorrow! I might see it as I’m going to the airport for the holidays!


Are we keeping this thread going? If so Icelandairs first one is testing at PAE TF-ICE got a slightly modified livery to.