Boeing 737-MAX 8 Enter Air in LLBG 15/1/20

The plane arrived from Poland to Tel Aviv Of course without passengers At 19,000 feet during the entire flight Came to the Israel Aerospace Industries To turn off the system MCAS

Flight path


Wow that’s actually a nice livery! I hope to see the Max flying again soon


What’s interesting about this flight is that in order to keep MCAS disabled throughout the flight, the flaps were set to 1 for the entire flight. That’s why it flew at 19‘000ft only at a slow speed.

Source: Twitter, @flightradar24


Huh, imagine how much normal people would freak out if they were on that plane based on how many people freak out when flaps are extended for final approach


Doubt it. People freak out because of deceleration (I do sometimes too lol) not slow speed

No I was just talking about the flaps

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