Boeing 737 Max-8 design flaw?

One of the workhorse and loved by all aviation enthusiasts on the news.

Could you give us more insight to the title

If you read the news it stats engine placement could be wrong…

i think its because about the unintentional nose dive that wasnt covered in the instructions manual on how to correct it

Sorry, but I really don’t think we need to speculate how the aircraft crashed. They haven’t even started the full on investigation.

Let’s just wait for the NTSB to do their work, then we’ll find out.


@GatwickGuy please can you give us a little more info

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I understand what the article states, but what I’m trying to say is try to include more info on your initial post, as opposed to a single sentence and a linked article.

Anybody can describe an aircraft and post a link, this community is driven by personality and substance, you’ll see other threads will usually have the important information within the body of the thread before the link.

Edit: good example of substance.

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Please continue in the existing incident thread.