Boeing 737 Max 8-200?

I know that Boeing Max aircraft are known as B737-8, 737-9 or B737 Max 8, Max 9 etc. But i didn’t know -200 add on. What does B737 Max 8-200 mean?🔝


Means 737-8200, a little agreement of Ryanair and Boeing to drop the MAX on their high capacity varient


What @Q-ENAN said. Also if you want to read

They basically replace some bathrooms and cabin crew areas so 200 passenger could enter, and the space between seats is less than the MAX-8

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The max 200 means that it will seat 200 passengers. In my opinion that is way too much for a Max 8.

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Actually it’s not

you get what you pay for

not like the legacies are going for it, afterall it’s a plane for LCCs

197 seats plus cabin crew and pilots does equate to over 200

for reference, Southwest airlines maxes are all economy and they only have 175 seats

I know it’s around 200, I was saying his assumption was probably right.

That’s just probably going to be a Ryanair thing, though. The plane (normally referred to as the 737 MAX 200 or MAX 8-200) is also currently ordered by some other airlines so whatever they want to call it is going to be up to them. Same thing like some airlines calling the MAX 8 just the 737-8 so they won’t have the MAX branding, but the plane is still known as the 737 MAX 200.

200 also ordered by Allegiant, Arajet, Akasa Air, and VietJet and like I said whatever they call it is up to them


Thanks for the info, didn’t know they’re keeping the MAX 200 name

Vietjet is not including both “MAX” and “200” on their aircraft, and just doing “Boeing 737-8” titles. Take a look just to the left of the upper part of the R2 door, as sourced from a local 737 production spotter at Renton:

Like I said, up to the airline. Will be interesting to see at the end of the day who calls it what.

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