Boeing 737 MAX 7 BBJ

Just throwing my cards out there hoping the 737 update will bring the maxes but if it does would love to see the bbj variant with interior for me to just sit back and chill and enjoy my mini bar or soft sofa while flying to the Caribbean. Here is the information about it provided by boeing them selves.

7000 nmi (12,964 km) of range. 884 ft² (82.13 m²) of cabin space. Lower cabin altitude.

Boeing Business Jets brings the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, offering customers a wide range of Boeing products that can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. The robust characteristics of these airplanes also provide an excellent value proposition when outfitted for the private market; offering larger, more personalized space, unmatched reliability and worldwide support.

Our customers put a high premium on quality, convenience and mobility. Most often, they want access to the same amenities in the air as they have on the ground including an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more. And Boeing Business Jets can deliver it all. That’s a better way to fly.

I love the livery but the 737max is on wip it might not even come out soon but u got
my vote and make sure to vote for your on request

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