Boeing 737 MAX #3 takes flight!

Air to air with the third MAX. John D. Parker photo.

Meanwhile, airplanes #1 and #2 have now completed over 50 flights combined. We’ve wrapped up everything from low speed stability and control tests, to flutter testing—which the head of the MAX program describes as “whisper smooth.”

Looking ahead, airplane #2 will soon head down to La Paz, Bolivia for high altitude testing. That will mark the first international trip for the MAX test fleet.

And airplane #4 will soon emerge from our factory configured in a full passenger interior, before heading across the globe to complete other testing.

We look forward to continue putting the MAX through its paces here at home— and all over the world.

- Randy Tinseth

Source - Randy’s Journal


Awesome really love the looks of this plane.

I gotta get to!

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