Boeing 737 MAX 200 (not a livery request)

In theory it wouldn’t be too hard to add this aircraft since it would only need a change of engine design. Even there slight differences. Should be similar to the B737-800 or -900.

EDIT: Also the wing tip :p

EDIT2: apparently the APU exhaust is also different slightly XD

Whats everyones opinion?

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You may want to change the aircraft type.

what do you mean?

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Never knew there would be a 200 MAX…

Is it because Ryanair ordered 200 737 Max?

lol shhhhh don’t tell anyone XD

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haha crap ill change that too hahaha

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And the tail cone is different than the 737’s we’re used to

The -200MAX is mainly configured to an all Economy Cabin. Ryanair ordered some.

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lawls ill add that too XD