Boeing 737 Live Cockpit

Hey everybody! I searched for other topics like this and the only one I’ve found did not specify what was requested and was created in 2016. 4 years ago! I feel like as the A320 family has live cockpits, it’s only fair that the B737 family gets it too! I feel as if the 737 is the staple of aviation and therefore should be the most updated of the aircraft in IF. I know some people might disagree with me, but I feel that a live cockpit is all that is necessary and I would like to see it introduced before any new reworks! This is not criticism towards the developers, this is just a kind request. I think that the A320 and B737 is where everybody starts and the most important aircraft in IF and the aircraft that everyone has a soft spot for. I hope you guys can support me in this! 🤞👌 Thanks for taking the time to read!

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The live cockpit is included in every aircraft that gets added or reworked


Thats the thing, I don’t want a full rework, just a live cockpit added 😉

IF developers won‘t just add a live cockpit
If they rework it they will do a full rework!
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You can’t just add a live cockpit. It requires a rework of the aircraft to be implemented. What’s the point of reworking an aircraft just to give it live cockpit, when you might as well just rework the entire aircraft?


We don‘t want to destroy your dreams but you have to be patient and have tu understand that it‘s not that easy for the devs 🙂

Adding live instruments doesn’t mean a full rework is needed. The A320 is a good example of that :)

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It still requires, by definition, a rework - correct?


Correct me if I’m wrong but their PFD are quite similar so with the 777 family being reworked, the 737 may get a rework / new cockpit screens quicker than we could imagine

It depends on the aircraft. Older members of our fleet have different 3D modelling techniques which make it harder to add instruments and make them look good, so they’re more likely to receive a full rework (when due).

Newer aircraft need some slight work done to the model to allow for instruments to be implemented. At the same time, the instruments themselves need to be built (i.e. we don’t have instruments built yet for the 787, nor is the model ready)


Ok I would accept a slight rework for the 787 but not for the 737 because it really needs a full rework!

Out of curiosity, what’s wrong with the 737 besides the cockpit? :)

In my opinion nothing. Just the live cockpit is really needed as the 737 is extremely popular! That’s all this feature request is about 😃

Also would you like me to take down this topic? :)

I personally think the 737 could do with a few revamps like higher quality liveries similar to the A320, I think the wing could do with some work since the textures aren’t as ‘clean’ as they are nowadays. We haven’t seen any 737 liveries for a long time, is this a reason? Or that they are in a different format that is more difficult to work with?

Of course as you mentioned, the cockpit. The revamp of a 737 would bring a lot more attention, and attention to detail nowadays in IF is key for satisfaction of long term players. I also think it could potentially bring attention away from the A350, we’d see a rise in short haul routes.

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The 737 is just a staple of aviation 😔 It would be sad to see it ignored 🤧

No need for a separate one when the goal for all aircraft is to have live instruments.