Boeing 737 landing lights

On 737’s (737-800 I know of) there are three sets of landing lights. There are the ones on either wing, on the nose wheel, but then also ones on the bottom of the cabin in between the wings and front landing gear. It might seem pointless but it would seem really cool and hopefully make your plane brighter at night.


Not my photo


Absolutely agree. I was curious about these lights since I haven’t ever seen them. If you visit this link you can see a picture which really shows them up close.

I’m not sure but they may be apart of the gear system. Or they were recently added to the model.

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Well, the whole truth is that the retractable lights on the fuselage and the one on the nose gear were removed on newer 737NG models.

of course this guy would choose a qantas plane XD

I agree @Joseph_Spinner!

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yes we need this now

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