Boeing 737 insufficient lift

Today I was flying in my AA 738, I hardly took off and then hit the ground again after I took off again, I could not exceed 160KTS even when I was level. I hardly made a landing at bannington municipal airport. Is this normal?

What’s your weight.

I was not even over MLW
NOTAM: I had flaps down

Also your flap. What where they configured at.

If you use the correct weight, flaps, trim and pitch in TO there is no issue

I used all but still could not stop it

Did you calibrate correctly?

What exactly was your flaps setting? N1 setting? Pitch you were aiming for? Trim?

I assume speedbrakes were not raised and you ook in the gear fairly promptly after take-off?

Yes I calibrated before takeoff

Flaps: 15
THR: 100%
Aiming for 10-15 deg. Pitch
Trim: Don’t remember


Flaps I think should be 5. I think.


Flaps 15 is not a recommended take-off setting for a 737-800. 5 is far more typical and will serve you fine in most cases.


Speedbrakes were raised
I raised gear around 2 sec after taking off second time.
I even rotated at 160+ KTS

Flaps 5
Pitch about 7-10
Trottle about 80 (I have most the trottle on 80%) and fly

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Do not raise the speedbrakes! Leave them alone, you should not be using them at all during a take-off.

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Umm… Flaps 15 usually helps me on my 737 takeoffs
It actually once saved me after takeoff at KSAN

Umm. Buy were raised I meant that I did not deploy them at all. Sorry for the misunderstanding

I usually set about 85-90%, and pitch to 15-18 degrees and that holds the speed pretty well in the initial climb. To start accelerating you can lower the pitch a few degrees once above 1000 or 1500ft AAL and then start taking in the flaps on schedule.


By the way as I am grade 3 with 41,000+ XP, I would know that you should not use speedbrakes during Takeoff

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Ok, well speedbrakes were down so that means not raised which is correct.

I am afraid you are not right on the flaps though - stick to flaps 5.

I can’t say I have had the same experience as you and I would say the 737-800 is the aircraft I fly the most.

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