Boeing 737 Fuel/Throttle/Speed Bug

Hey there

I discovered a funny little bug with the 737 (-900):

When you fly that plane at around >40‘000ft you basically get unlimited fuel. There is nearly 0 fuel consumption even though your throttle is at 100%.

Combining that with another bug, one could fly up to 20-50 hours with that plane. You simply have to click on „Pushback“ before takeoff. Thanks to that you get like an additional 30% of thrust.

I’m currently flying at 51‘500ft at Mach 1.3, throttle at 0%, speed increasing and 20 (!) hours of fuel left. I’m able to fly 10‘500nm with a Boeing 737-900. Another weird thing was that both engines suddenly flamed out at 48‘000ft, but I was able to restart them.

I really don’t think that all those things should be possible. Maybe you devs should look into this to figure out whats wrong here.


B739 Ultra Long Haul incomming. lol. Do you have a liveflight link for us?


Nah its fine. Its just the 737-900 that is having a party now that the 737-9Max has just gotten its typerating. It should be back to normal in a few days.

Thats really not how the 737-900 should be acting


Well, time to set some records.


I don’t. I just wanted to see how far I could push it with this bug after I discovered it by accident in an earlier flight. I don’t like using bugs which are giving me am advantage in a game, so I stopped the flight soon after I wrote that report here.

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Why should this be an advantage? But you gotta say - EGLL-YSSY with a B739… That’s cool

It is. Not very realistic though :D

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@MishaCamp guess what YSSY-EGLL on a B738?

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Ok, just for the record: I said earlier that I don’t like using bugs like that. But I got bored and wanted to see what’s the maximum distance I can get with that plane. I wanted to push it as far as possible. That bug definitely needs to be fixed. :D

I don’t know if that’s also possible with other airplanes too. The Pushback bug exists on every plane though.


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