Boeing 737 Freighter Family

Hey everyone !
As I prefer flying cargo aircraft I think the 737 should also be available in a cargo variant.
The 737F family contains the 737-300SF,-400SF and the -800BCF.
So today big companies often use the -800BCF but in Hawaii for example you see the -300SF and -400SF operating, too. As you know the -800BCF is the latest version and it‘s a very cool aircraft but just imagine to spawn in Hawaii with your -300SF and just flying to the other islands 😆 I know that it‘s just a dream though but I really like the old 737, it‘s just you and the old technology.
So I don‘t know if you also like cargo flying but I enjoy it really much and I am also exited about the new 777F but it‘s a bit too big for some short-haul routes ✈️

This is one of my favorite liveries:

(Aloha Air Cargo, 737-300SF)

I really like the colour and the design of it 🙂

Some statistics:

• 737-300SF
63,280-kg (139,500-lb) MTOW
19,190-kg payload

• 737-400SF
68,040-kg (150,000-lb) MTOW
20,490-kg payload

• 737-800BCF
79,020-kg (174,200-lb) MTOW
22,820-kg payload

I really would like to see this planes in the air with the 737 rework because it‘s not that much development because we already have the Boeing 737 and it‘s not necessary to fly always the most modern plane ! Maybe we should try to fly some old technology, too because there you need more skill (for the -300SF and -400SF because the -800BCF has much more technology)✈️

Hope you understand what I mean :)
What‘s your opinion about it ?

For more information, visit the Boeing Homepage:

or you visit:

(I know that you are only allowed to make a feature request for one plane but I got the permission of @Chris_S, I discussed it with him)

Thank you really much for visiting this topic !

Happy flying !

Would be interesting to fly a Boeing 737 Freighter. My favourite livery is Fedex of course.

Just remembered, here is a stunning Photoshop by @Polish_Pilot created a a good while ago. 😃

On Another Topic: Loading 737-400F FedEx :D


Wow ! Looks pretty good 🙂


Come on guys 😏
There are many people who ordered something !


If you like it but you have no votes left … think twice about it ;)


I like this idea.

Here is another Cargo 737 out of Hawaii. Transair Flies 737’s and Short 360’s


This is my exact problem. I might remove my own vote on my topic since it got implemented into the simulator! :)


Well I won‘t hold you back 😆


Just removed my vote from my topic 😂

And voted on this aircraft!


Thanks ! You help us a lot ✈️

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Thank you, too 😁

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I’ll have to clear a vote for this. I love flying the 737, so it would be awesome to do it as a freighter.

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Would love too fly the -800 as a freighter

Not my photo


Will gladly add a vote to this, I’m obsessed with freighters…


I don’t know whether I’d rather see these or a 737-200C/-200F.

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I liked the request. Azul Cargo is currently using a B737-400SF, which I would love to see on the simulator.

Photo credit for Juan Cosmo (

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Well currently these aircraft are more often used than the -200F. It‘s also a great plane and I like the turbines but it‘s very very rare

@anon38496261 thanks
@JIA_345 I like the livery 😆
@Lavoe787 thank you
@Mauricio_B the livery is cool


Got my vote. As an avid lover of freighters I would love to fly this.
We get a West Atlantic 737-300SF here every morning in Jersey (EGJJ) usually from East Midlands (EGNX)

Here is a picture of one on the stand at EGJJ



Modern cockpits are very cool but sometimes I also prefer to fly in an old cockpit :)



Isnt there a TNT livery for the 737 in IF or am I thinking of something else?

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Nope there is a TNT livery for the 777-200F but not for the 737 :)
FunFact: We don‘t even have the 737 freighter

2 votes left to 10