Boeing 737 Engine Rework

I know, I know, the 737 is a fairly new/reworked aircraft, and there are many other planes that need to be reworked before this, but recently, I have noticed that the engine looks a bit weird. Kinda’ like what the A320 series looked like. Right now, the engines curvature is made up of fairly straight lines, and (when it is running), the fan blade looks like a slow moving picture. Whatever you guys did to the 787 engines, that’s perfect. They look super crisp and clear when stationary, and really realistic when running. Just to be clear, this is NOT a request for a fully reworked 737. The exterior graphics (excluding the engines), and the recently reworked live cockpit are awesome. To boil it all down, this is merely just a request for a 737 engine face lift.

This is what I mean…

737 engine when stationary:

Engines blade looks nice
Outside edge could use some love…

737 engine when running @50% power:

You’ll see a better example of this when actually playing the game, but the blade looks like a moving picture when running…

787 engine when stationary:

Outside edge looks nice and smooth
Fan blades are really nice a crisp

787 engine when running @50% power:

Again, you can see a better example of this when in the game, but the engine looks really nice, and actually spinning, when running

Let me know your thoughts!

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@Pilot_Dan1 @Airnico_9962_on_YT It’s okay to post multiple pictures if that’s what you have to do to effectively convey your request.

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