Boeing 737 cabin view

I know we all loved what the team did with the crj-family with the cabin view and all. This will be especially great in the Boeing 737 family.


Credit: Modern Airliners

This topic more likely belongs to the Boeing 737 rework. All up to date aircraft will have its own cabin view. The 737 also had its own soft rework. This feature request is quite pointless because this won’t be added until a full rework takes place. 👇

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Cool request! However, in the past four days you have made 7 feature requests, and 2 in the last hour. You might want to relax with the requests.

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I would vote for this, but I don’t have any more votes left. The cabin in one of my favorite features, and without it, I’m not sure I would still be playing Infinite Flight. I wish you the best of luck!

I would honestly love this. Especially the new Boeing Sky Interior😍

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