Boeing 737 BBJ

I took this photo in Chesterfield, MO. In my first trip to Missouri, exiting the mall and I saw this private 737 landing in the Spirit of St. Louis airport, near the mall, I took it a little late, but the plane is still visible. It was in February 2015 during the cold winter.


Hard to pinpointing I make my eyeball so small people thinking I is pretending like a Asian racist statement next time use a better camera and more zooming please

I’m Asian but I didn’t have to squint… Lel


If your willing to pay, than get him a better camera. It’s the best he could get.

Very nice photos mate 👍🏽


nice nissan altima

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Sorry, but I’m not a good spotter. And by the way, I took it with an iPod 5th.


Ok what camera you wanting

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