Boeing 737 AEW&C E-7A

In the spirit of bringing more military to IF and with the news of an up coming 737 update I’m putting this request out there for a bazaar looking version of the 737 and sense we basically already have the c-40b clipper in game and the p-8 Poseidon has already been requested I am gonna request the next best thing this crazy looking sentry craft the 737-700 AEW&C.
The Boeing 737 AEW&C is a twin-engine airborne early warning and control aircraft. It is basically a lighter 707-based Boeing E-3 Sentry, and mounts a fixed, active electronically scanned array radar antenna instead of a rotating one.

General characteristics

Crew: six to ten
Payload: 43,720 lb (19,830 kg)
Length: 110 ft 4 in (33.6 m)
Wingspan: 117 ft 2 in (35.8 m)
Height: 41 ft 2 in (12.5 m)
Wing area: 980 ft² (91 m²)
Airfoil: B737D
Empty weight: 102,750 lb (46,606 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 171,000 lb (77,564 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × CFM International CFM56-7B27A turbofans, 27,000 lbf (118 kN) each

Cruise speed: 530 mph (853 km/h)
Range: 3,500 nmi (6,482 km)
Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,500 m)

The offical title for this aircraft is the E-7A wedgetail as well, as the aircraft was designed under a RAAF directive.


But it kinda is a update to the 737 as it might have split scimitars so it really means that the 737 is updated because they added scimitars tosome of the livery’s.

They said put down feature requests so that’s what I’m doing also I should say just because they showed us a picture of the split sc dosent means that is all they are doing to the 737

Sure, these are some pretty amazing aircrafts. The Problem is, About all aircrafts are awesome and I believe other ones fit better into Infinite Flight and espacilly, can find better use, as u can barely see for example the KC10 tanker, but on the other side theres a lot lot of B787s everywhere. Maybe one day when we covered all requested passenger and freighter planes id love to see these

I’ve got a few issues here from the original post right through to the replies you have received.

This isn’t basically a smaller 707, it’s a 737-700 with 737-800 wings and 777 generators which could produce enough power for all the systems onboard. It is the next generation airborne early warning and control aircraft. Absolutely no comparison to the E3 (which is what I work on). It is an amazing aircraft, cutting edge technology and doing the job and more than what my beloved Sentry can just about manage.

The sentry has an old, mechanically scanned radar (AN/APY-1 or -2) hence the rotating dome. This is a multi-role electronically scanned array (MESA). It rotates 6 times per minute, and that is something that doesn’t change. MESA can be used to focus on specific areas, meaning high threat zones can be prioritised over ‘blue land’.

The official designation isn’t Wedgetail, that’s the Australian designation. Other customers include Turkey and South Korea, I can guarantee they haven’t named this aircraft after an Australian bird. You do need to change the title however, as although it is based on the 737 - it really isn’t one with all the adaptations. Just like the E3 isn’t actually a 707, just based on it.

How is taking of a 737 update speculation when it is confirmed? Adding something to an aircraft requires an update… it’s fact that it’s being updated.


Its a war plane or what is it.

@Rodrigo_Villalobos eventually I would say yes

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I’m not sure if he is requesting only the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) livery. But you are correct. E-7A wedgetail is only the RAAF designation

@QantasAviator I’m missing your point bud? I was saying the official title isn’t wedgetail in the post you are referencing.

Apologies, I’m saying E-7A Wedgetail is the unofficial Royal Australian Air Force designation. Due to his picture on the request, I thought he might be only requesting the Aussie livery

Wait when is that 737 update coming up? Are they adding the MAX as well?

Yep its coming soon its unknown when though I’m hoping this August, it seems to be just adding split scims and wing flex and hopefully a few new liverys, unknown wether they are gonna add the maxes, but they said post feature requests on it so thats what im doing

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