Boeing 737-900ER

At this point, some of you may be wondering “hey, we already have the 737-900, isn’t the ER just a version that can fly further?”

Aha! You see, the main difference between the 737-900 and the -900ER is that the regular -900 was a straight-forward stretch of the -800, but no additional emergency exits were installed, thus exit-limiting the aircraft to 189 (same as the 737-800) despite the additional floor space. Range was shorter than the -800; it was about three-quarters US trans-continental nor could it do the US West Coast to Hawaii. Another problem (from what I’ve heard) is that the longer body also made the -900 harder to take off from shorter runways due to the reduced rotation angle, as well as the higher chance of a tailstrike.

The -900ER thus sweetened this deal by, in Randy Tinseth’s words (he is VP of marketing), “Several improvements to the wings and flap systems and optional blended winglets and auxiliary fuel tanks allow the 737-900ER to have a range of 3,200 nautical miles (5,900 km). So, for dual-class operators, while they weren’t going past 189 passengers, they now have an extra amount of range.”

The -900ER has also been marketed as a replacement for the 757-200.
Lion Air, one of the types biggest customers. Note the extra exit next to the “ER”, a feature missing on the current IF 737-900 (go see if you don’t believe me!)

And to all those who say that the current -900 in game should get the extra door-no. They are two different planes and should be treated as such. Also, please please remove the Lion Air livery from the current -900, it says ER on the back so it’s wrong!

I would count this as a duplicate because of this topic:

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No, as that is for an Alaska Airlines livery, whilst this is for the aircraft as a whole. Please, don’t police just to try to show someone up.


Still, it could’ve been included in that topic just to reduce clutter.

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No, it could not of. That is for a special livery 737-900ER, while this is for the 737-900ER as a whole. This is not clutter, as it is a quality topic that brings something to the table.


Okay this is nothing to get excited about. I respectfully disagree with you.

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The only difference is that the Boeing 737-900er has is it has Split Scimitar winglets

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I believe all 737NGs can have them

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No, the earlier -900ERs had the blended winglets and not the Scimitars which are on all new NGs and the MAX series.


O. I didn’t know that. I hope the dev. add the Split Scimitar winglets though. They look amazing:)

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Then they might as well go and add the MAX series while they’re at it :)

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Haha True! Hopefully that will be the next update after global ;)

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Oh hell no! Indonesia’s Ryanair? Eww

Lion Air is the best airline in Asia in matter of hard landing, poor PR, and of course, delays

Despite being the largest customer, Lion keeps delaying their passengers by saying that they are out of planes 😂 #flydelayonair #thekingofdelay

Anyway, I would love to see B737-900ER in Infinite Flight. Wish I have more votes to vote for this


Not sure about worldwide but no one in the States uses the aux tanks as they take up to much cargo bin space and the 900ER suffers from the same takeoff/landing problems as the -900 as it’s just as long, landing gear is just as short and it’s just as underpowered. The -900/ER is a rwy hog as is the -900.

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ER and LR aircraft will be important in Global, as aircraft will be using actual fuel, and each aircraft will have their own range.

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You should already know that aircraft are requested separately from liveries. And only 1 request per features topic is allowed. Please read: