Boeing 737-900 Non-ER fleets

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I just want to know something about the plane for the information with Boeing 737-900 Non-ER for other airlines in the world and longer range miles: 2,800 Nautical Miles also too 3,222 miles and 5,186 km. I consider Boeing 737-900 (Non-ER) able to feature a livery fleet if they are voting before approved or non-approved in the game IF request in the future and I think so.

The plane airlines things.

Alaska Airlines received (12) fleets activated and also half scimitar split winglets added range from the fuel. It does not in IF anybody.

Jet Airways received (1) one fleet and 1 was retired. It gets it in IF yet?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines received (5) fleets activated then and retired later year when starting before 2025. It gets in IF yet?

Korean Air received (10) activated and (6) historic fleets. It gets it in IF yet?

Shenzhen Airlines (5) fleets all retired in China last year earlier but almost already he had one time the topic feature livery is here in IFC now.

United Airlines received (12) fleets activated but they won’t be allowed in the IF and almost has to get Boeing 739ER in IF now.

Second time.

Jin Air received (2) fleets activated originally transferred from Korean Air. Do you want your new topic to feature livery requests on IFC and have fun?


SpiceJet for the first time received one fleet now retired. The last expenditure was to board a ticket to a ridden passenger on a plane in India for a few short months then originally transferred from Jet Airways. Do you want one new topic feature livery request on IFC and have fun?

Please have any questions or concerns. Let me know. If the mods team wants to be closed from my topic before. Thank you.

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