Boeing 737-800 Tutorial

Used in very foggy conditions I assume. I need to try that, but first I need to learn how to crab land.

I think it is a bit of a shame the -800 and -900 is paid.

@Sturmovik this is a really nice topic if you want to find a bit more depth in the 737 do check out my B737 tutorial thread as well. Feel free to add info and help create a full depth tutorial for beginners.

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Please give me the total weight you have with the 737-800.

Found in the my tutorial: You can find the weight and balance at the top of the thread.

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I love the 737 it’s the only plane that I can land in a 40+ knot crosswind 🙄

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Hi @Sturmovik, at this moment I’m working on the landing procedure of my B737 tutorial, I need use some flaps info and I thought what about yours, is it okay to use your info on landing flaps. (Not the landing speed.)

You can, but have in mind that they´ll be effective only at Normal weight settings. If you´re using a different one, I suggest you to practice the speeds that suit you best with the weight you have.

Thankyou Sturmovik will do, plus I have mentioned you in the thread for this info, I would also appreciate it if you would move it back to tutorials

Done. Next time, write down every info you have in a sheet of paper, and then pass it to the computer, you won´t need to make so many edits on your post then.

You may need to retry that it hasn’t moved?

The edit registry says that you did something that move the topic back to General. I moved it again.

Thankyou Sturmovik You have been very patient with me, em may have edited it accidentally but cancelled shouldn’t move it.

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No problem. I´m here to help.

is takeoff speed same as landing?

I think this is necroposting, sorry. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Necroposting? I just never fly the 737. Im always on the 777 or 787. Want to make sure im not taking off at their speeds if its wrong.


You should be a landing 135 knots and with full flaps

I always found the 737 a bit hard to use lol, now i know the setting thanks so much for the help, i will try this out :)!


Take off at 50,000KG is 135KIAS, landing speed is the same and should use full flaps

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