Boeing 737-800 range in IF

Just a quick question (you can close this post afterwards)
What is the range on the Boeing 737-800 in IF?
And is it similar to the one IRL or is it more/less?

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Its similar to IRL - around 3000-3500nm with a normal load.

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Ahh thx
Just wanted to clarify

Just use Simbreif FPL to IF for your flight plan it helps you calculate your fuel and passengers and cargo


It’s 2935 at max load, but since planes rarely take-off at absolutely full load it can manage 3000-3300 in IF.

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I did SFO to LHR in a 738 once in IF. Made it with 2% fuel left

Empty it’ll do something like 12 or 13 hours (I believe), not sure what that number is loaded

With empty payload and max fuel?

Its enough to do what I did. I flew from Miami to Guarulhos in a 737-800 with 120 passengers and 6.000kg of cargo. I arrived with 2h of fuel left

Max fuel and about 80 people

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