Boeing 737-800 Livery Gêmeos (Gol Airlines)

The plane that will transport the Brazilian team during the World Cup was decorated with a graphite made by the artists Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known as “The Gemini”.

The painting that covers the new Gol plane, which is the official carrier of CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), pays homage to the Brazilian fans, highlighting the diversity of the Brazilian people, according to the company.

Gol reported that it took about 100 hours for the painting to take place, as well as a thousand cans of spray paint coming from Spain. The new aircraft of the company is a Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior.

"We created this job thinking about the users of the plane. We paint the aircraft for those who are at the airport, for those who work inside it, for the boy who is making an air bridge to see his girlfriend, the other who will solve a job, the girl who will see the family, "explain the artists in the material for publicizing Gol’s marketing action.

It is the first time that the pair of siblings and graffiti artists stamp their traits on an airplane. The artists have painted castles, buildings, tunnels and trains and have already spread their graffiti in several countries.

The aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior, with more space for hand luggage, LED interior lighting

Without doubt this is the most creative and beautiful livery I have ever seen, I would love to see this colorful crossing the skies of Brazil in Infinite Flight !!

Prefixo da Aeronave: PR-GUO

Sources: @cariocaspotters @spotter_rio

Man, to be honest, I’ve seen a lot of strange painting on planes, and that’s one of them. lol


This is one of the few planes that could pull up to a gate and I would have not a clue about what airline it is!

This airline is Gol, a Brazilian company. There is already a standard livery of the Gol in the B738 in the IF, but this, in the case, would be a special livery.