Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines Lei Livery

The 737-800 Alaska Airlines’ Lei livery looks very beautiful and would be extremely perfect for Global with travelling to Hawaii or any tropics like the Bahamas you would choose… The Eskimo looks great with a Lei attached to him.

Please note that this isn’t a duplicate as there is no livery request for Alaska Airlines’ Lei livery.

Plane: 737-800
Manufacturer: Boeing
Picture Source: Alaska Airlines (historic liveries) - Bruce Drum (
Picture: CDC7B8EE-2E6C-46B3-BAF0-3E6A46321CBF

Hmm… I dont feel as though this is a big enough change for the developers to consider. But it is a nice livery!


What they could do it by edit the original Alaska Airlines 737-800 livery and add a Lei. I live near Sea-Tac and I see her everyday.

EDIT: Would be cool if they added the scimitar winglets but that is up to FDS.

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Please leave credits to the original owner of the photo because we don’t want the owner writing a complaint to the mods about people not leaving credit or stealing photos.

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Will do. Sorry about that.

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Hi What I am looking at now is this livery could this be possible for people to vote for I mean it ia a nice looking livery Comment if you want it

Would be a great addition to have this unique livery! I think it’s worth adding. I mean it’s more different than other livery requests out there