Boeing 737-800 Accident @ Trabzon Airport

What do you think to the future of the aircraft? Is a repair feaseable or is it a write off?

complete write off

engines and wheels are complete write off and the underbody is already trashed but will be even more trashed when they remove it. it would cost hundreds of millions to repair. Probably more to repair than to buy another

Wow. It could have been much worse. Talk about a cliff hanger😳


That looks awful, glad no one got severly hurt. The plane looks very close to falling off the cliff, must have been very scary. Could have been worse though.

Let me tell all of you what really happened.

The aircraft tried to land but it touched down before the touchdown marks on the runway causing the front landing gear to collapse. The plane skidded off the runway and stopped. The aircraft was stopped by mud. If you check out news websites they say that

“The cause of the incident was not known but an investigation is under way, the Trabzon governor’s office said.”

This really is a bad crash and all 162 people on board survived (including flight attendants and pilots), 3 injured not severe.

Also Trabzon’s governor office said that the width of the runway will be increased probably going to eliminate the chance of an aircraft falling into the sea.

They’re still researching what caused this crash and I am going to post another post to update you guys on this case.

Thanks for reading 😉.

I hate my grammar lol

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Did the flight number get released yet?

Gonna be a heck of a cleanup effort for sure. Main thing is no one was seriously hurt.

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Phew, at least it didn’t have enough momentum to go entirely off the cliff.

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Please give a link to source. You appear to be contradicting yourself here.


Similar incident in lanzarote I was there at the time it happend British holiday jet skids off runway near Lanzarote beach | Daily Mail Online

Joke: Just another normal day in the TSGLOBAL.

Seriousness: Thank Goodness there were no fatalities. I hope the three injured heal quickly.

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Ok, I got the flight number. It was Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622.

2 remarks.

  1. I’m just glad no one got too hurt

  2. Doesn’t surprise me it was Pegasus Airlines.

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Just to add, here is a video:




Pilots reported that the right engine of the aircraft suddenly got power during slowing down after landing.

Update via instagramaviation on Instagram

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My aunt was in this plane. She is still in a shock :/

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Do you mean that as they were slowing down their right engine increased in power?

Yes. That’s what the pilots said. I’ll keep updating you guys on this one.

Wow man, that must have been scary for you and your family, glad she’s alright

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