Boeing 737-800 Accident @ Trabzon Airport

Source: Aeronews

THE AFTERMATH / Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-CPF) skidded off the runway at Trabzon airport last night. The airplane operated flight #PC8622 from Ankara. The aircraft (5.2 years, 189 seats) carried 162 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crew, all of them were safely evacuated. 3 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. New photos in daylight show the #B737-800 next to the sea.

Photos via Kaza yeri ve uçak havadan böyle görüntülendi

Last night

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That honestly looks so bad! And it was so close to disaster. Glad no one was majorly hurt.


Wow, that looks awful and as @jdag2004 said, very close to danger. Hopefully this will prompt them to put up a fence or something, to stop this happening in the future.

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Scary, lucky that no one was injured. Is there a reason found behind this incident yet?

Don’t think a fence would have much effect on a aircraft. 😂 Maybe with lights, that could more than likely make a difference.

@SirPilotOfAviation From What I have seen, looks like the plane skidded off the runway.


Was the runway wet, or was caused the skid?

Edit: Checking the METAR, there was light rain, so the water probably created hydroplanning.

I said a fence or something. Yeah, a fence probably would have almost no effect, but it might have at least slowed down the aircraft slightly.

Either way, this isn’t the time for a debate about the potential usefulness of a fence, it’s a time to be thankful that nobody was majorly injured.


And that, is why you shouldn’t build airports right next to the sea.

The design of the airport looks like it were deemed to have an accident like that one day. Looks like a pretty awful accident though, lucky there wasn’t any casualties!


Yeah it’s happy to see something could have been alot worse

Also, Wellington Airport in New Zealand is by the sea, usually has strong winds, and has flights going around all the time, yet I don’t believe they’ve had an accident

That is a little bit too close to the sea for comfort. The big question is how the aircraft managed to stay there, that cliff looks really steep.


Agreed, that drop off on the side looks very steep indeed. It’s a wonder more people weren’t injured.

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The proximity to the sea isn’t the issue here.

If “light rain” has caused aquaplaning then the issue lies with the runway surface. There is technology out there to improve the runway surface, basically they cut grooves into it which allows water to sit on the runway without actually creating logs, and increases tyre grip.

I highly doubt the rain played much of a factor in this, unless it was a very junior pilot and in that case it comes down to pilot error. Which I am leaving towards anyway.


it is surprising that it didn’t continue to slide into the sea

also has the water been polluted by fuel???

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Doubtful, they’re made of stronger stuff than to pierce during what is effectly just a slide.

I suppose maybe it is the dust and sand from the rubble knocked off the cliff!!!

I am still surprised it didn’t slide down into the sea!!!

also weird angle to end up at if landing rwy 29???

I suspect pilot error as planes land everyday in bad weather and on slippy runways

That looks pretty scary, fortunately the plane managed to stop before ended up in the sea. But at least, there were no casualities in this incident. Hopefully those 3 passengers who were injured can have a speedy recovery


I wonder how they are gonna remove that plane looks like it slide down to the sea at that angle. Also it will probably not be a nice sight for passengers taking off/ landing at that airport.


That would have been close to disaster.
Glad everyone is ok

They is a video showing that Engine #2 has detached from the plane and is in the sea.

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whats the link @Liam_Kirk