Boeing 737-800/900 cruising issue

Hey there IF community
I’m having a minor issue with the cruising phase of my flight when using the b737’s since the latest update where the plane would rock back and forth, it took me a while to address this problem because i did multiple flights to try and correct the problem but still with no success. I tried almost every thing from different trim settings, tried different mach speeds while cruising, itried different climb to cruse v/s settings ( which my usual v/s setting for my rate of climb to cruise would be anywhere between 1500fpm - 2000fpm), i tried different weight settings etc.
To be more clear on the issue for instance the aircraft would be set to cruise at 38000ft and once reached to set altitude and the autopilot levels off the aircraft would rock with a pitch up angle at about 3° attitude then goes to 38020ft then it would pitch down to 37080ft and it would continue with the rocking back n forth through out the whole cruising phase. Its like the autopilot is having problem trying to maintain the set cruising altitude.
I would like to know if there is still something I’m doing wrong which offsets the center of gravity or its a minor issue with the physics in IF which causes it.
The b737 is my most go to aircraft when doing short to medium range when doing flights around the world I also noticed the issue with the a321.
If it helps i plan all my flight with simbrief

I don’t turn on Altitude for AP I just set vs to 0 when I hit cruise. So far, I haven’t experienced any cruising problems with that strategy.

I’ve never experienced this, but if you could give more specific information someone could try to recreate the issue and see if it’s a consistent issue. Specifically, going to FL380 right upon takeoff is very possibly your issue here unless your load is quite low. I’d recommend checking the load percentage and also trying anywhere between FL300 and FL350 after takeoff - step climbing during your flight should also be effective.

A Guide to Step Climbing

I tried step climbing also maby i should try calculating my load properly
thanks for the link

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