Boeing 737-700 transavia

Could one day infinite flight add the transavia liverys to the Boeing 737-700?


Are there more than one you want included?

The Transavia livery is not particularly popular, therefore i see no importance of having such a livery again.

Ok, ermmmmmmmm… I’m not sure

Liverys (which is actually spelt liveries ) is the plural of the word livery. My question: [quote=“Freddiefrogs, post:2, topic:15928”]
Are there more than one you want included?
was because you used the plural form of the noun. Do you want more than one livery on the 73G?

73G is the identifier code for the 737-700

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I want the Transavia 737-700 because I’m Flying to much with Transavia 737-700😃

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Iam fave of the colours, my Home Teams RIZESPOR colours are also green,blue.
illd be also to see on IF.

I want don’t get :p

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