Boeing 737-700 fuel is a bit funky

Hey there!

I did a flight from CYUL-MMMX in a B737-700
And i only needed 45% of fuel for the tank
I would think i would need a 80% or something
but for a 5 hour flight, only 45%
that is pretty funky

can somebody tell me what is going on?

because i am sure the B737-700 can not fly for 10 hours


Recently the 737-700 was mixed/combined with the 737-700 BBJ, which has an extended fuel tank to do flights literally across the globe. When these two were combined, the extended tanks were applied to all the 737-700 liveries.

There’s a discussion to the differences between the aircraft in game here:


On another note of this, you can literally do YPPH-EGLL in a 737 now… lol


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