Boeing 737-700 & -800 Southwest Canyon Blue Livery Problem

Hello there!

Let me cut straight to the problem; when ever I spawn I with the Southwest Canyon Blue livery, it just dosent show up

But in the “lobby” it shows fine:

Here’s what I have done:

*Restarted IF
*Deleted IF
*Reset Scenery Cash
*Deleted other apps (in case they were taking too much space)

(Keep In note that if somebody else also had the livery it shows white with purple wheels)

(Another note: this has been happening since the Southwest Canyon Blue livery was released for the 737’s; I have played for 6years and it hasn’t gone away)


does this happen with any other livery or just that specific one? Thats so bizzare…

Just that specific one

You must be a beta tester now. Congratulations!

Can you delete Infinite Flight, restart the device, reinstall Infinite Flight, and then check? This happened to me on the UA B738 livery and the above solved it.


I did this just before making this topic, but will try again

I see that you did those steps, but I wasn’t sure if you deleted, restarted, then reinstalled in that order.

There we go! In that order it worked!

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Brilliant! Will flag this for closure. See you in the skies :)

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