Boeing 737-7/8/9

I know that y’all have done a lot of work on the 737 family and for that I am grateful. However, there’s one thing that I think we can ALL agree is missing…the engine startup sound!! Just how the triple 7 has a startup sound, I think the 737 should have a startup sound 😁 also, there’s an issue where the throttle is set to full when you first get on. That’s not a big deal though 😬

Sourcing the accurate and high enough quality engine sounds for each aircraft is an extremely tedious and difficult process, hence, why most aircraft don’t have it. I’m sure that if the devs got their hands on a decent sound pack for the 737 series and any other planes, they’d implement it!

Edit: see this explanation from Philippe regarding engine sounds. It’s a bit old (also the engine sounds now are from a 737, from what I recall), but the reasoning still applies.

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The 737 update was just a cockpit rework. Besides liveries, no other features were added.

Adding on, you can vote to rework the 737 sounds engine here:

For all aircraft:

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