Boeing 737-300

This appears to be a duplicate, feel free to cast your vote over here :)


Ok I will do that


I will actually change the topic to 737NG

Don’t we already have the 737NG, -700,-800, and -900?

That’s the -700, -800, and -900 series. Which we have.

NG also include -500 -400

Don’t think so

That’s the 737 Classic variants.

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Those are classic

uh ok maybe could change it to the 707 or the 727 if not I will just change the whole topic and do something else like screenshots of IF or something

Already have a 707 and 727 request. Go look them up.

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Or just delete the entire topic and check for duplicates before posting next time 🙂


All of the requests you’ve mentioned (plus some) can be found below, regardless of variant.

Boeing 737-200
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-600
Boeing 737 MAX Series

Boeing 707

Boeing 727-100
Boeing 727-200


I would just close this topic, and make a new one when you find an idea :)

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I have no thoughts. I’ll try next time!

A n y b o d y please close the topic now

Have you flagged it?

According to Boeing, the -400/-500 isn’t included in the NG family 🙂

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ok. Now like actually please someone close the topic

Your wish is my command