Boeing 737-300

Hey everyone. I would like to say I really like the B737-200 and I thought it could come to IF. Even if it is really really old.

Liveries are

southwest (desert gold origin)

American (old livery)

United (old livery)

Nolinor (it has no new livery)

Lufthansa (old livery)

Sriwijaya air (old livery

Ryan air (old livery)

Aloha air (it also has no new livery)

Air France (Air France doesn’t have an old livery)

British airways (old livery)

And that’s all the liveries!
Btw I think the engines look ok

This appears to be a duplicate, feel free to cast your vote over here :)


Ok I will do that


I will actually change the topic to 737NG

Don’t we already have the 737NG, -700,-800, and -900?

That’s the -700, -800, and -900 series. Which we have.

NG also include -500 -400

Don’t think so

That’s the 737 Classic variants.

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Those are classic

uh ok maybe could change it to the 707 or the 727 if not I will just change the whole topic and do something else like screenshots of IF or something

Already have a 707 and 727 request. Go look them up.

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Or just delete the entire topic and check for duplicates before posting next time 🙂


All of the requests you’ve mentioned (plus some) can be found below, regardless of variant.

Boeing 737-200
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-600
Boeing 737 MAX Series

Boeing 707

Boeing 727-100
Boeing 727-200


I would just close this topic, and make a new one when you find an idea :)

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I have no thoughts. I’ll try next time!

A n y b o d y please close the topic now

Have you flagged it?

According to Boeing, the -400/-500 isn’t included in the NG family 🙂

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ok. Now like actually please someone close the topic