Boeing 737-200

we had to have this plane


Édouard Marmet

creation date : December

why I want this company

I really want this plane because it is very good with the Air France book , like that I could go from LFPG to London.


Role Airline Line
Builder Flag: United States Boeing
Crew 2 members
Status In service, in production
First flight 9 April 1967
Commissioning February 10, 1968
Withdrawal Always in use
First Lufthansa customer
Main customer Southwest Airlines
Years of production Since 1967

Capacity passenger- 110-135

Charge (volume 28,4 m3

Length 30,53 m

Wingspan 28,35 m

Height 11,3 m

Cruising speed Mach 0,745

Maximum speed Mach 0,82

Maximum altitude 37 000 ft

Engines PW JT8D-7 (ou -15)

The airline companies

  • Aer Lingus
  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • Air Algerie
  • Air Europe
  • Air Florida
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Air Madagascar
  • Air Malta
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Zimbabwe
  • AirCal
  • Airline of the Islamic Republi
  • All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd
  • Aloha Airlines
  • Arkia Israeli Airlines
  • Avianca El Salvador
  • Bahamasair
  • Bavaria
  • British Airtours
  • CAAC-Civil Aviation of China
  • Cameroon Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • Condor
  • CP Air
  • Cruzeiro
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Eastern Provincial Airways
  • EgyptAir
  • Essex Wire Corp
  • Ethiopian Airlines Group
  • Far Eastern Air Transport
  • Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Fiji Airways
  • Frontier Airlines
  • GATX Financial Corporation
  • Government of Egypt
  • Gulf Air
  • Indonesian Air Force
  • International Lease Finance Co
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Air F
  • Itel Air
  • Japan Transocean Air
  • LAM
  • LATAM Airlines Group
  • Lufthansa
  • Luxair
  • Maersk Air
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Maritime Investment & Shipping
  • Mey-Air
  • Midland Montagu Leasing
  • Midway Airlines
  • Monarch Airlines
  • MSA-Malaysia/Singapore A/L
  • Nigeria Airways
  • Noga Export Import
  • Nordair
  • Olympic Airlines
  • Orion Airways
  • PACE Airlines
  • Pacific Southwest Airlines
  • Pacific Western Airlines
  • Polynesian Airlines
  • Presidential Flight
  • PrivatAir
  • Quebecair
  • Republic of Venezuela
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • Royal Thai Air Force
  • SABENA Aerospace
  • SAS Norway
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Sobelair
  • South African Airways
  • Southwest Airlines (Desert Gold Livery )
  • TAAG (Angola Airlines)
  • TAME
  • TAP Portugal
  • Thai Airways International
  • Trans European Airways
  • Transair (Inactive
  • Transavia Airlines
  • TUI Group
  • TUI Travel PLC
  • TunisAir
  • United Airlines
  • US Airways (merged with AAL)
  • Western Airlines
  • VASP Airlines
  • Wien Air Alaska
  • Yemenia
  • Xiamen Airlines
  • Zambia Airways
  • Copa
  • Fedex
  • AirTran
  • Air Zimbabwe
  • VARiG
  • vernis
  • USAir

He has all the airlines

Why we need to have in IF

We should have in IF because it would be a very good addition to the sim

And it would add a little older aircraft.

The categories

  • Cockpit 4k

  • Winflex

  • View through the windows

  • Taxi light

  • Logo light

  • Interior light

Could you explain a bit more? Like why you want it, some more info rather than saying “I want this plane to be added”.


Ok. So yes, it looks nice but is this a feature request for the aircraft or livery?


This is for the livery, right? Then why not say “we had to have this livery”

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We don‘t even have the B737-200…
And give some information about this Airline or Aircraft


@Avion-train-TV for the plane🙂✈

Then why put “Air France” in the topic name?

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Both have zero votes. If you want to add more details to yours we can close the old one.


Now that is some good information ;)

@Chris_S OK but I can not close it because I’m at TL2.🙂

OMG look at those engines. They look well…old…


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@BennyBoy indeed it looks very old😃

Quite different from the IAE V2500 series you’re used to I’d suppose?


TBH the old Aircrafts are better than the new ones because their style is more special and they are more fun to fly with but the new Aircrafts are also nice 😉


Wouldn’t the 737 rework come with these like the CRJ did?


@JT_Playz I do not know if they really will do it like the CRJ.

I dunno for I was the IF development team I would probs focus on re doing the NG series (-700,800,900,-8,-9,-10) rather than do ancient aircraft which some players probably have never seen in their life!

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Well it’s kind of like how people want the NEO with the A330 rework, but it’s a different mode, or the MAX on the 737 series, but they are all different. I’m not sure though. 🤷‍♂️


@JT_Playz yes indeed there is carestic in the community forum🙂😀😃


this is no longer in production. :D