Boeing 737-100

I would love this aircraft to be added to IF. Also it looks very weird because it is so small 😂😂

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I also want the classic Boeing 737’s!


I love the engines!


Eh…It was out of production over 20 years ago, plus we already have 3 types of 737s.

3 is not enough. We need the classics.


Yes! We do!


Smaller than an A318. Baby Boe plz.

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I’d love to see this in the game!

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People so need to see the really old livery of SIA in a B731

It looks and feels very classic… Would give Infinite Flight an awesome feel!! I would say after the 787’s, 777-300’s and A330-200’s are added, this would for sure be my next wanted aircraft! It’s just so cool… I want to get up close to it in person!


There’s other operators that fly that aircraft that are in the US like norther air cargo

this is a nice classic edition. I would like this.

Cutest 737 eva

And the engines look so small.

The Boring 737?

I don’t understand what you mean by “boring”.

I assuming you mean you don’t like it.

I love the classic 737’s

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That’s what I mean.

I love the classics, but I think you made a mistake

What mistake did I make?