Boeing 727

We could possibly add in the Boeing 727. It could add some variety to the planes as well. Personally, I quite like the 727 and hope that one day they could be added to Infinite Flight!

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  • I’m not sure

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I’d give a like if it’s solely for the 727 as if you say “Other Trijets”, it may end up getting closer or something…

Anyways personally I’d love the 727-200Adv :D

As he is called @Boeing707 I personally think he would like this. I like the 727 and would be part of my 10% “Variety Deal”.

As dear @AR_AR would say:


Or maybe I’d wait for a @B727fan ;)

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You sure? Or you only like it because Singapore Airlines had a B727-200Adv named “advanced”…

No? The official name of the 727-200 comes with Adv at the back

I thought SIA named their B727-200adv?

That isn’t why I hope to have the 727. What SIA does is not in my control (What IFSIAVA does however, is in my control :))


I was reading about aircrafts and their safety records and the 727 had about 50 significant incidents, which is quite a lot.

Please don’t bump your own post, it can get the topic closed. If people wanted a 727, they would search and comment on this topic.

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This would be a great addition. Bring on the retro!


Yes!! A 727 would be awesome!!


It may not be the safest, but at least it looks nice.

Would like this mainly because Ansett had these many a moon ago

Ansett would be a cool livery if a 727 is added

Yes, would be awesome!

I personally don’t like the 727 but for infinite flight I reckon we should. Might be able to change my mind lol

Yes please!


Yeah… then it has a specific feature, 3-jet engines!!

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