Boeing 727 Experimental Crash

This experiment was a planned crash that was produced and made into a documentary in 2012. It is very interesting and shows what would happen in a real crash. The action starts at 46:00!


You learn something new to everyday. I watched the whole thing, it’s definitely very interesting! Thanks for sharing

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I watched this a few years ago it was very long and en it ends with the crash but most crashes tend to happen after loss of control so it would be better if it was dived Into the ground as we don’t know what happens in slow motion with that


And it didn’t flare. If it did I’m pretty sure the gears and nose wouldn’t have snapped off (although it looked to be going fast and the ground was a little uneven). I guess they chose the 727 since it has no engines on the wings (so less chance of it spinning out of control and bursting into flames when hitting the ground), plus who knew it could be controlled remotely! It was very cool the engines didn’t stop after crashing anyway - it definitely shows the durability of all the components of the aircraft. At least it shows a little of what part of the fuselage would be the safest in a crash scenario - that is economy!! So guess who’s better off? 🤔😏🤗


do this on a jumbo plz

Contact myth busters and ask them to do it to a 747 😂


I remember watching this on my. It’s was cool.

You didn’t have to crash it. I would of gladly took it off of your hands. XD


I remember watching this documentary
When it first came out


Yeah it’s sad seeing an old aircraft going straight from flying to a retired wreck. It’s like “let’s start a scrapyard in the middle of nowhere using a crashed 727”.

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